Stainless Steel Pleated Mesh Filter Cartridge

Product details


Highest working temperature: 500 ℃ or less

Filtration accuracy: 2-200 Um

Working temperature: 0.1-30 mpa

Filter specifications: 5 - 40 inches (according to customer's requirement)

The rated flow: 80-200 l/min

Work pressure: 1.5-1.5 pa

Filter area (m2): 0.01 - 0.20

The interface form: 222, 226, 215, M36, M28, m2-m24, M22, M20 thread interface, etc


Small resistance, low using differential pressure;

After folding shape, big filter area, carrying large amount;

High temperature resistance, corrosion resistance,suitable for high viscous liquid filtration;

Regeneration performance is good, can be repeated use;


The petroleum chemical industry, oil field pipeline filter;

The refueling equipment, engineering machinery equipment fuel filter;

Water treatment industry equipment filter;

The pharmaceutical and food processing areas;


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