Coalescence Separation Filter

Product details


Filtering rate:      0.3μm,0.5μm,1μm,5μm,10μm,etc

Outer Diameter:   3.5”,4.5”,6”

Length:              16”,18”,20”,32”,36”,40”,72”

Filter media : Glass fiber, wood pulp filter paper ,stainless steel fiber web and stainless steel wire woven .

Operating pressure : 21bar -210bar (hydraulic liquid filtration)

O-ring material : Vition , NBR

The critical fact for the proper operation of the enigine is to keep the lubricating oil clean, or to ensure .

No corrosive impurity inside the lubrication oil.


l   Aviation fuel ,gasoline,kerosene,gas oil;

2 LPG,stone tar,benzene,toluene,xylene,benzene,polypropylene;

3 Turbine oil and other low viscosity hydraulic oil,lubricating oil;

4   Cyclohexane,isopropanol,ethanol,ring ethyl ketone,ect;

5 Other hydrocarbon hydrocarbon


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