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This product uses coconut-based, coal-based and wood-based activated carbon powder as raw material, processing formed after high temperature activation together. For cellular body appearance, has been called honeycomb activated carbon, the biggest characteristic of it is small wind resistance, strong adsorb ability, exhaust gas treatment is usually used in factories, spray-paint room in addition to flavor, water treatment, and other areas of the environmental protection. Products can be divided into two kinds of, water resistance and no water resistance.


1. High content of activated carbon, 70-90%

2. Great ability to capture microorganisms such as germs, viruses, bacteria, benzene, ammonia, etc.

3. Help purify the air and prevent diseases.

4. High efficiency of absorption

5. Large filtering surface

6. Low resistance.

7. Durable and long service life

8. Captured particles won't be released back to the air again

9. Different dimension and design available


Applied in air filters, purifiers and central air conditioners to absorb odor, smoke and harmful gas.

Also it can be compounded with HEPA filters.


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