PP String Wound Filter Cartridge for Water Treatment

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PP spiral wound filter cartridge for water treatment is a porous skeleton precision coiled by high performance wound fiber. Its special honeycomb structure make it remove the suspended particles , particulates, rust and so on. The length of the cartridge is up to 70inch. The large length and filter area help to reduce the number of filter cartridges. Moreover, its long service life and high flow rate do good to low investment and less manpower in many applications. In addition, this kind filter has good Filter compatibility and high capacity of overload.

-- Prefiltration of drinking water, potable water or table-water.
-- Filtration of industry water.
-- Prefiltration of RO, Pretreatment of sea water desalination
-- Condensate water filtration in power generation
-- Solvents filtration in biopharma market
-- Paints and coatings, Petrochemical, Refineries
-- Prefiltration of ultrapure water.

Length up to 70inch (1778mm),suitable for high flow/high contaminant applications
High mechanical strength, no distortion happen even in critical process conditions
Directly installed into existed housings, no need for any changes
Various filter material and filter precision
Good compatibility.
Low pressure and large dirt holding capacity.


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