Large Flow Water Filter Cartridge

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This specially designed multiple pleats water filter cartridge, with 6 Inch outer diameter, is made from PP, Fiberglass or Melt blown pp. Its large outer diameter and special flow direction ( from inside to outside) increase its filter area and reduce the required quantity of filter cartridge. Due to its large filter area and long service life, the kind high flow pleated water filter cartridge is widely used in various filtration fields.


-- Condensate water filtering in power plant.

-- RO Security filtering.

-- Pre filtration of sea water desalination.

-- Biological pharmaceutical industry raw materials, solvents, water filtration

-- Bottled water, sugar solution, cooking oil, juice, milk filtration

-- Filtration in oil chemical industry.


1.The gradient pore structure.

2.Length of 20 inch, 40 inch and 60 inch are available.

3.When filtering water, the largest flow of per unit filter cartridge can be up to 110 m3/hour.

4.The special flow orientation, from inside to outside, helps to keep the impurities stay in the bottom of the filter cartridge.


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