Stainless Steel Wedge Wire Screen

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Slotted wedge wire screen filter cylinder are welded by profile V-wire and support wires,it is also called Johnson screen. It has large   filter area because of big opening,vee wire structure are easy for automatic back washing and avoid pipe blocking.The pressure will be reduced when water flows in for greater filter area,avoid the grains of sand flow in the wedge wire tube in the high pressure conditions,so extend   the pipe's life . Between the same length,diameter and slot size,wedge wire pipe is thrice than bridge filter pipes. Moreover, we have inside perforated metal and wedge wire tube outside filter.


-- High mechanical strength can bear large pressure drop

-- Equal slots for filtering can form equally distributed filter cake

-- The wedge type slot can improve backflushing and regeration performance

-- It has resistant to pressure temperature aging corrusion can be applied for different kinds of fluid.


With high-precision,our wedge wire filter elements are used in water treatment industry,oil filtration,paper making,refine sugar.

Materials: Carbon steel wire, SS304,SS316, SS304L ,SS316L.


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