Liquid filter structure:The filter adopts the side-in and bottom-out method (the bottom-in and bottom-out method can also be used). The filtering liquid medium is pressed into or drawn into the fil...
As the lubricant of hydraulic system, lubricating oil is mainly used for lubrication, auxiliary cooling, rust prevention, cleaning, sealing and reducing the wear of mechanical components. Therefore...
In the filtering equipment market, there are many types of equipment. Maybe you will see that some filter equipment is called the primary effect filter and some are called the coarse effect filter....
Reverse osmosis membrane is the core component of reverse osmosis equipment. RO reverse osmosis membrane is made of polymer materials. Some polymer materials have good repellency to salt, which can...
    The high-flow filter element adopts imported polypropylene filter material, and the filter material, skeleton and end cover are welded together. The five-layer folded design of the filter elem...
The role of the oil filter element is to filter out metal particles and impurities in the special oil of the hydraulic system, so that the oil entering the host is very clean, to protect the safe o...
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